How does it work ?

Voxibot is a conversational telephone agent

Voxibot allows you to automate phone calls with a service based on the latest speech and chatbots technologies.

It can use :

  • Cloud or local infrastructures,
  • VoIP telephony,
  • Speech Cloud Resources,
  • Chatbots services / NLP / AI,
  • Company data via web services. It is an open.

Solution that adapts to your constraints :

  • Multi VOIP connectors,
  • Multi-voice resources,
  • Multi-platform chatbot / NLU.

It optimises your assistance offer by combining telephone calls with other digital communication channels (mail, chatbot, voice assistant, etc.).

What are its three intelligences ?



Voxibot listens with transcription engines that incorporate artificial intelligence that then allows it to convert the voice into text without training. Speaking with high quality text-to-speech engines capable of conveying expressions emotionally and naturally.



To understand what you’re telling it, Voxibot can use a chatbot/ NLU engine. It responds adequately and dynamically to all programmed requests.


Knowledge intelligence

Voxibot performs transfers, recordings, takes notes and sends emails / SMS. It connects easily to all data thanks to its integrations with WebServices that allow it to increase its knowledge.

What are its modules ?

Telephone Resources

Voxibot integrates through its SIP interface on the main telecom networks, VOIP operators, IPBX, call centres, etc.

Voice Resources

Voxibot uses the most advanced cloud-based speech recognition solutions. Unlimited language support (English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, etc.)

Chatbot Solutions

Many integrations are available with Dialog low, Watson and Luis.

Data Access

Connections to customer relationship management software through standardised APIs.
Zendesk, Dolibarr, Salesforce…


Voxibot integrates our Voximal engine and is based on the Voice XML / PHP standard. Our teams and partners have a Framework to carry out Voxibot on demand. Our botmasters ensure the follow-up and availability of your Voxibot.


Web interface for configuration / administration / reporting. Recording of “Call Ticket” conversation. Conversation qualification/measurement, quality of response.