What is our mission ?

Our ambition is to use technology to provide a service to people in order to optimise each call on the customer journey.
We offer voxibot, a reliable, high-performance and easy-to-use conversational telephone agent software solution.
Voxibot is intended for local authorities, VSE/SMEs, large companies and contact centres.
Voxibot’s objectives are to improve customer relations and optimise the associated costs.
Voxibot is the result of 15 years of expertise in voice servers coupled with new artificial intelligence technologies.
Our technical expertise is at your service to build together the best solution or integration of your callbot.

Who are we ?

Borja Sixto
Co-founder / Manager
Javier Sixto
Co-founder / Manager
Ana Isabel De Sa
Bot manager / Administrative
Bruno Amado
Bot manager
Badereddine Bouchelga
Ingénieur Full stack / IA
Frédéric Compain
Directeur des opérations / Business Developper
Agent Voxibot
Virtual Agent