The missions of the conversational virtual telephone agent for customer relations

Opt for an open, multi-technology, callbot, multi-vendor solution hosted near you.
Interact with it using your natural language voice to improve the quality of your customer service.
Increase your availability and the quality of the phone channel.
Reduce your costs.

The « virtual secretary »
who takes care of your calls

Telephone service and call routing

Immediately handle all your customer or prospect calls
Identify the caller and greet them with a personalised message
Qualify their request
Answer common questions (address, time, etc.)
Transfer to the appropriate person
Take messages and make appointments
Inform by email, SMS or calls
The « virtual collaborator »
in your call centre

Call Contact Centre

Eliminate queues
Identify calls and qualify incoming calls
Enable simple tasks to be processed automatically
 Relieve customer teams of invaluable recurring requests (delivery information, schedules, etc.)
Transfer to an advisor based on their specific competence
Manage call overflows
The « robot » that automates
your call campaigns

File Qualification and Telephone Prospecting

Handle a large volume of leads in a reduced time frame
Handle questions/answers automatically
Make and receive calls and send SMS / emails
Collect responses in real time and transmit data to customer CRM
Reduce the cost of treatment

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